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From time to time we see manuscripts which don’t fall within our normal publishing range of maritime books, yet are so well-crafted we feel they should be published. In 2001 we established a special imprint, Palo Alto Books, to bring you quality books — both fiction and non-fiction — of a non-maritime nature.

Ollie Otter's Special Gift Here’s something special for the grandkids (or maybe the great-grandkids). Ollie is a young otter who is told by his loving mother that it is time to find a new place to live and set up his own home. A bit confused, he wanders off in search of – he’s not sure what. After awhile he becomes tired and lays down for a nap near a pond he had never seen before. Later he is awakened by birds and fish and animals who say he’s such a strange creature, they don’t want him there. He convinces them he has a special gift that will cause them to accept him.

Author Gerald Reminick and illustrator Michelle Quintero have teamed up to create this delightful story just for youngsters 3-5 years old. It is enchanting and captivating. We hope you’ll order some for the whole family.

Oh, Ollie’s special gift? It’s laughter.


  • by Gerald Reminick.
  • ISBN 978-1-889901-60-2
  • Soft cover, 32 pp., 15 illus.
  • Price: $10.00

Ishmael's Son In 2004 Gerald Reminick’s Our Pond described the charm, beauty and fascination of St. John’s Pond in a year-long diary of thoughts, photographs and poems. Two years later he wrote a diary of the changes that had occurred since then. Once again the author describes, with care and feeling, the happenings at St. John’s Pond. And, once again, this is more than just a book or diary, it is a touchstone of peace and serenity; the type of book that’s best read day by day, allowing you to pause and reflect on the Joy of life and the beauty of nature.

Another Year in the Life of St. John’s Pond

  • by Gerald Reminick.
  • ISBN 978-1-889901-58-9
  • Soft cover, 160 pp., 150+ photos.
  • Price: $20.00

Ishmael's Son Ishmael’s Son is a terrorist thriller set in today’s tense Middle East/West confrontations. Take a decent man caught between two causes, a sinister assassin, a chilling plot, the U.S. Navy, double, double crosses and a jumbo jet chasing an exocet missile — this book will hold your interest from start to finish.

A chilling look at what can happen when the response to state sponsored terrorism spins out of control. Frightfully plausible.

Dick Couch
The Warrior Elite


Two causes and an assassin's deadly gambit in a ruthless game for a checkmate of international magnitude.

  • by Nelson Adrian Blish.
  • Soft cover, 288 pp.
  • ISBN 1-889901-29-6
  • Price: $19.95

Our PondOur Pond is a wonderful journal of observation, thought and poetry that calms the spirit and nourishes the soul. Numerous photographs depict the passage of the seasons at St. John’s Pond in Long Island, New York, reminding us of things often forgotten in the pace of modern life — the peace of early morning, flowers opening to the sun, birds and wild creatures in the cycle of life ...


A Year in the Life of St. John’s Pond

by Gerald Reminick.

  • Soft cover, 160 pp, 180 photos.
  • ISBN 1-889901-5-0
  • Price: $20

Fort RossFort Ross is a story of passion and murder in Old California. An Indian arrives in Sonoma pleading for help. The commandment of the fort has been murdered. Marshal Hogan goes out to investigate. The suspense mounts as he uncovers an intrigue of greed, love, lust and revenge involving a beautiful Russian woman, her gallant lover, and a renegade fur trader that builds to a stunning climax.


by Mark West.

  • Soft cover, 192 pp,, 14 illus.
  • ISBN 1-889901-09-1
  • Price: $14.95